All aflutter about alliteration

I don’t really care much about the Charlie Sheen saga, but during my regular perusal of the BBC News site, this article about Sheen suing the makers of Two and a Half Men, is found on the front page with the link “Sacked Sheen sues show’s makers”; I’ve taken the screen-grab here.

If there’s one thing that’s stuck with me from high-school English classes is the use of alliteration, and how a string of words that start with the same letter look and sound interesting.

The BBC News site makes use of alliteration quite well; here’s an example that I’ve noted from 2008. At the time, the headline for the link read “Bronze bull’s bottom blamed for Bombay brokers’ blues.” Even the headline for the article itself, though shortened, is still alliterative. And they can make great tongue twisters too!


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