What if Doctor Who rode the bus?

I’m always peeved about the many transgressions I’ve encountered during my travels on transit. Here are some from the last week:

  • A gentleman turning up his music player’s volume to the point that I can hear the music spilling out from his earphones.
  • A lady clipping her nails on the SkyTrain.
  • A blatant fare evasion episode; I’m sure this person waited right at the rear doors of the bus just to get on through those doors.

With series 6 of Doctor Who debuting in three weeks (for the first time, a same-day affair for the UK, USA, and Canada), that got me thinking about what the Doctor would do if he rode public transit in Vancouver, and he encountered the same things I did this week.

One thing I could think of is using the sonic screwdriver to change remotely the volume of that music player. Another one could involve using the sonic to create interference to mobile phones, whenever a loud, annoying conversation is taking place.

An idea I’ve always liked involves psychic paper and claiming to be a fare inspector, specifically targeting those who have deliberately entered through the back doors. The Doctor could create enough of a scene and get other passengers to shame the fare evader off the bus. So what else could the Doctor do to stop bad behaviour on transit?

And with Series 6 so close, here are two official trailers, the first from the BBC, the second from BBC America. (Hat-tip to the Doctor Who News Page for getting the excitement started.) Save that date – April 23!


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