Random running rambles

A few things that don’t really need their own posts:

  1. When I look back, my 2010 focus on improving my half-marathon time proved to be too much when I took that into 2011 when I should have focused on training for the Vancouver Marathon. In all, I ran five halfs in nine months, from the BMO in May 2010 to the First Half this past February. Add the lack of appropriate recovery after the First Half (marathon training plan had a 24k long run the week after), and a tempo time trial in which I knew I should have held back, and injury was inevitable.
  2. After reading about the new Boston qualification (BQ) times, and a BBC piece about the possibility of a 2-hour marathon, I began to wonder about my own physiological limits. Could I, with a single marathon finish under 4:40, ever make BQ, now set at 3:05?
  3. A followup on my piece on Sarah Slean, the runner: Canadian Running featured her in an issue earlier this year. I should go pick up a copy!

2 Comments on “Random running rambles”

  1. Cameron says:

    Did you pick up a copy of the Canadian RUnning article? She is doing Scotia Bank’s half marathon again in October.. at least I think she is.

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