Thinking of tattoos…

Daily post, May 22: If you got a tattoo, what would it be? has a companion site for those attempting to blog once a day or once a week during 2011. There are many posting inspirations or prompts for participants to draw on, and this will be the first I will use for postaweek2011.

I’ve thought of getting a tattoo, particularly before my 30th birthday. That didn’t come to pass, but I haven’t discounted the possibility. There are many different things I could have inked onto various parts of my body. It scares me to think that once it’s there, it’s there (more or less), because the undo button on a screwed-up design or theme could be just as painful at some point in the future. (Think Homer Simpson and the Starland Vocal Band.)

So what tattoo could I have? Here are a few possibilities; where they’ll be placed can be debated later.

  • I could join in solidarity with my some of my cousins in celebration of a deceased cousin; it involves the Buddhist “om” symbol.
  • Another one could be a memorial to my grandmother; not sure if I should do initials or something more elaborate.
  • A running-related tattoo – probably something more general than to celebrate a specific race or milestone.
  • Canucks! 40 years of history (and maybe a little more in a few weeks…) equates to a lot of logos. I’m thinking of at least four: the original stick-on-ice; the skate logo; the orca; and one of the Johnny Canuck images.

Now that I’ve told you what I want tattooed, how about suggestions from you as to where I should get inked, when I get the funds (and the gumption) to do it? Are the locations selected last year by Georgia Straight readers a good start? Or do you have any personal recommendations for specific places and/or artists?


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