Transit field report, May 24, 2011

Part of an ongoing series of observations during my frequent forays on transit.

I tweeted the above on the 24th, but it deserves far more than 140 characters, only because it just sounds so bizarre.

I boarded a bus to go to my cousin’s place to watch the Canucks game (truly a game that triggered both agony and ecstasy). At one of the courtesy seats was a pregnant young lady, and she was on the phone, possibly to her mother. She was not in a good mood, and it turns out she was on the bus because no one could give her a ride from the hospital. According to her, there had been many offers to give her rides, including from her dad, but not at the time she wanted to leave the hospital.

It turned out that she was actually in labor, while on the bus. She made no secret of the fact (thanks to that phone conversation that was audible in the front half of the bus) that she’d gone to the hospital thinking her water had broken, and that her contractions were coming 10 minutes apart. But she didn’t want to stay at the hospital, so she’d decided to wait it out at home.

The fact that she was allowed to leave the hospital baffles me, but if the doctors there thought she was fine to leave and come back later, far be it from me to question that. And hopefully she made it home OK, and that she did find a ride back to the hospital when it’s finally time for her to deliver. But it’s incidents like this that make riding transit very interesting.


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