The car-free experiment – a year long, and counting

A year ago, financial considerations forced me to park my car. It was initially for three months. But three months became six, then 12. A year without a car; it really isn’t as frustrating as it sounds, considering my main mode of transportation is public transit, even when my car was insured.

During the year, I ignored my parked car at my peril, as I’ve learned the hard way what happens when a car sits idle for a long period of time; not just the dust that’s gathered while in the parkade, but a dead battery. Once the battery is replaced, I hope to find a buyer for the car, then use the proceeds to buy a bike, and join a car co-op. Even when I find permanent employment again, I will certainly resist the urge to re-insure my car, or acquire a new one. If nothing else, I want to make going car-free a legacy of my extended un(der)employment.


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