I Love Transit, in T-shirt form!

I Love Transit shirt for 2011. Design by Chris von Szombathy.

I Love Transit week has returned to Vancouver, and I feel that it’s gaining momentum. The shirt that I won as a door prize during the meetup is one sign of that. The enthusiasm of meetup participants, young, old and everywhere in between, during the bingo and bus-boarding events (and I’m sure in the trivia contest too, but I had to leave before that) is another sign. Buzzer blogger Robert might even be considering having the blog’s readers determine the next city that will hold next year’s meetup.

It’s lucky that I won the shirt, but I likely would have bought it anyway, had TransLink offered it for sale. Buttons and pins have been a mainstay of the event (and I got a full collection of them with the shirt), but a shirt is a much bigger canvas to display one’s love for public transport. And trust me, I will be wearing this shirt as much as I can!


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