White flag, sort of

I have officially reached the point where I can’t sustain writing sub-decent posts in the middle of the week just to make my postaweek quota. The Thursday scheduling has not worked, especially since it coincided with the period I’ve taken up contract work.

This very brief post fulfills postaweek, but I want to move my schedule back to the weekend, where I’ve usually posted most of my entries this year. And since it’s a long weekend coming up, I should have time to compose something.


3 Comments on “White flag, sort of”

  1. Blog whenever you feel you’re most capable of doing so; that’s the best advice I can give. After all, it’s your blog and you are the only one who knows when you can provide the best content. :)

    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, Natasha! Maybe I’m being hard on myself because I compel myself to post something just to stay within the spirit of postaweek.

      • You’re very welcome!
        One thing to remember is to not force yourself to write. Something I’ve noticed in fiction writing; if I try to write despite not having inspiration or the motivation, pushing myself too hard can lead to my mind shutting me out. Writer’s block. Just do what’s the best and easiest for you. :)

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