Run update – ready to ramp up, and a request

July has been a so-so month in the running sphere. While I’ve been running three times a week , and going on a hot-yoga blitz, it’s the times when I’m not running that concern me. My ankle’s been bothering me most of this month, but primarily when I’m at work. I figured the poor support of the dress shoes I wear are contributing to it, so I’ve taken to wearing a brace around my ankle during the day. The discomfort has been alleviated somewhat, but it’s still there.

Now that my latest work contract has ended, I will see if it was indeed my dress shoes that contributed to the ankle discomfort. I will wear the brace less and continue my transition back to neutral trainers. In the middle of August, I will begin training for a fall race, likely the Fall Classic (last year’s race report), although the distance I want to run (10k or half marathon) is still up in the air.

And I’ve been making race plans for the next year. One of the goals is to complete a triathlon during 2012. It will likely be a local short or sprint course that uses a pool for the swim leg. But as part of this, I’m also looking to buy a bike. And I’m seeking suggestions as to where to buy said bike. At the moment, I have a budget of around $1000 (including basic accessories). It obviously should be suitable for sprint-triathlon purposes, but I want to use it to get around town too. I’ve compiled a long list of bike shops around Vancouver and want to whittle it down to 3-4. (I mainly used Google Maps, based on my recollection of where the shops are located, and noticed a lot of mixed reviews when I click on a shop’s entry.) Write a comment, or communicate with me through twitter, dailymile, or google+. Any suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks!


One Comment on “Run update – ready to ramp up, and a request”

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