The Big Bang Theory is my new favourite show

(Only the Barenaked Ladies could have composed the theme song; this is the full version with lyrics.)

I think my geek license would have been revoked if I didn’t get around to watching this series. After PVRing the first season (in syndication) of The Big Bang Theory, I’m hooked.

The show is a sitcom that revolves around two physicist roommates, their attractive neighbour, and their two equally nerdy and socially-inept colleagues. That must have been a concept that has been rejected several times, but it somehow made it to television, and it’s garnered some impressive critical success, including this year, Emmy nominations for both lead actors and the show for Best Comedy Series.

After watching the first season, I can clearly relate to three of the four main male characters: Leonard’s romanticism, Sheldon’s smug self-righteousness, and Raj’s inability to speak to women. All four of them (Wolowitz is the other) are essentially “book smart, street stupid“. But it’s fun to watch them interact among each other, as well as with the neighbour, Penny.

I also love the pop-culture references throughout the season (the Doctor Who mention meter is currently 1 by my count), and all the scientific terms used have also passed muster. I’ve actually learned a few things, such as the difference between “nauseous” and “nauseating” (from “The Tangerine Factor”).

Since the last week has been quite busy, my PVR has been backing up with the first few episodes of season 2. When I get around to them, I’m expecting more of the same, but it doesn’t matter because darn it, I can’t get enough Big Bang Theory!


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