Film festival fun

VIFF 2011 logo

This has been a long day, possibly the longest day I am going to endure during this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Two separate double features, separated by a volunteer shift in the late afternoon. Four movies in a day? That can rank up there in terms of hard-core festival-goers, but I can’t count myself among that group; some people are so dedicated they book their holidays around the festival.

I’ve been attending films at VIFF for a number of years now; scheduling issues around work have limited the number I could watch. The last couple of years, however, I’ve decided to volunteer at the festival; it adds to the resume, and gives me something else to do while not looking for work. The bonus with volunteering is a festival pass that gives me access to most of the films. It allows me to watch far more movies than I otherwise would, given my current financial constraints.

My personal favourites of the films I’ve seen so far include Burma Soldier, People of a Feather, Take This Waltz, and Here I Am (links to VIFF’s descriptions and any remaining showtimes). With a few more days to go, I’m sure to add to this list.

Have you been to VIFF this year? Do you have any favourites?

(Image credit: Miss604)


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