I have a winning photo. Go figure.

(A follow-up to “Photo Marathon? Yes it was.“)

If there were a complete opposite to a shameless promoter, I would be that person. But better late than never, I suppose.

From 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon:

60 marathoners registered for the third annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon and all 60 handed in their 12exp 35mm rolls by 10pm on Saturday August 6th, 2011. From the 720 photos that we had developed, our judges selected winners for Best Series and Best Photo, along with Runner-Ups for both categories, and 1 winner for each of the 12 themes. Here are the results that were revealed at Raw Talent 2011 on Sunday September 25th:


Theme 10 (Second Chance): #11 Eric Bucad

Winning photo for theme 10 of 2011 12x12 Vancouver (Second Chance)

All 12 of my photos are displayed here. Below is a video that I took in which “super-judge” Dan Jackson explains why my photo was chosen. And Dan has put up a tumblr post that gives his rationale for all the selections.

This and all the other winning photos (also by theme) are now on display at the Lookout at Harbour Centre! So at least the tourists have something to look at when there’s nothing of Vancouver to see, thanks to the fall weather. The exhibition will be there until December 2.

Anyone interested in going to the Lookout to see the photos?

(Photo by Eric Bucad, posted by flickr user vancouverphotomarathon.)

[Updated 10/19/2011, 22:19 PDT to include the video.]
[Updated 10/21/2011, 12:50 PDT to include Dan’s post.]

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