A photo a day during Movember; could I keep it up after that?

Movember day 14: commute

Movember day 14: commute

Almost halfway through Movember, and the mo is progressing quite well. I took one photo at the start, then one the next day, and soon I figured I should do a photo a month for each day of Movember. It carries on from my successful attempt to take a photo a day last November. The major difference between then and now is that I’m using my iPhone, together with the Instagram app, as opposed to the digital camera I used last year. It’s far easier to take a shot with the phone, put it through Instagram’s filters, and have it cross-post to my Flickr and Twitter. With the digital camera (which is almost five years old), I have to attach the camera to my computer to download the pictures, then upload it to Flickr. Plus, the Movember theme is a lot easier to execute, compared to the randomness from last year.

I’m wondering if I can carry on with a photo a day after the end of Movember. 60 days? 100 days? 366 (2012 is a leap year)? Should I not think about it, but keep taking shots anyway? For anyone who has done these longer projects, what is your motivation? I’d appreciate any tips and/or themes!


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