More evidence of the runnerd life

In the last post, I showed a graph of my proposed long runs for my marathon training. Here’s another one:

Screen grab from a spreadsheet, displaying shoe mileage

Shoe mileage

It’s been two years since I added the shoes I have used in my runs into my spreadsheet run log. Add it all up, and it’s more than 2,600 kilometers (1,615 miles). The primary purpose of this shoe-mileage tracker is to have an idea of when to retire a particular pair and move on to the next one. The three above the thick black line are already retired, which means I have four pair in active use. Actually, it’s only two: I have moved away from the New Balance 940 (a stability shoe) after I’ve felt I’ve recovered enough from my overtraining injuries earlier this year. And I’m going to break into my pair of Minimus Road very slowly. This is a totally different beast, and I think I might need some time to practice running in these shoes before I take them out on any serious workouts.

I will likely show one more piece of runnerd data later, and that’s my 2011 mileage data. Halfway through the month, and I still have a shot to match my mileage total from 2011…


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