A neat way to combat dull, rainy days

Photo of an umbrella adorned with flowers

Flowery umbrella

I took a picture of this umbrella earlier today, while I was waiting for a bus. As we were boarding, I complemented the umbrella’s owner, telling her that it brings some brightness on a dreary day such as today. More impressively, it looks like a bouquet when closed; I wish I took a picture of that. She told me that she has sewn the flowers on the umbrella, and that she’s made one with roses, and another with daisies.

She also told me that she got the idea from a crafts market in Seattle. Why hasn’t this caught on? As long as the umbrellas are of good quality, they would make great gift ideas, and can really stand out on a rainy day.

The floral umbrella’s owner was even considering adoring umbrellas with disco balls, bingo balls, or even miniature lights. I’d definitely buy one of those!


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