Waxing nostalgic about 1990s music

Much More’s Top 100 Big Tunes of the 90s (list and videos start with this page)

I missed the first 25 or so, but at least Much More (I like to think of it as the Canadian equivalent of VH1, but even that might be outdated) saved me the work and posted links to all the videos in the top 100 countdown. Do you remember Spin Doctors (#99)? PM Dawn (#78)? Mark Morrison (#70)? The music I listened to in the 1990s is (mostly) there.

One observation is that this countdown avoided repeating artists, and that for some artists, I would have chosen a far better video/song to represent that artist. One example: Boyz II Men (#56) – I would have selected “End of the Road” instead of “Motownphilly”. Or Soundgarden (#54): “Black Hole Sun” would have been a better choice than “Spoonman”. And where’s Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”? “Say It Ain’t So” was in the countdown at #32.

My sister noted that there was a heavy emphasis on hip-hop tunes, which is pretty clear when I went through the bottom of the list that I didn’t get to watch on TV. Before we watched the last episode featuring the top eight, my sister and I put in guesses as to who would be among those eight. Our selections from the pop spectrum (the obviously big soundtrack tunes from Whitney Houston and Celine Dion) did not make the list. At all. The staples of my high-school years (most of it listening to Z95.3) have been ignored in this countdown. It probably has to do more with the state of music today and the demographic of Much More’s audience than with the successes those unrepresented artists have garnered during the 1990s.

Any “best of” or “top x” list is bound to generate discussion, and here’s my bit on one such list. What do you think of this top 100 of the 1990s? Were there any omissions? Do you have any personal favourites you feel should be included?


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