Year in review: crunchy numbers

I’ve received by email a couple of year-end reports, which I’ll highlight here. has included a “year in blogging” report. It was an email last year, but this year I’ve been given a page complete with fancy fireworks, and from which I’ve taken the subtitle of my post. My stats are not always worthy of heady analysis, but it’s good to know that older posts are still being shown some love. I also like that I’ve received visitors from six continents!

Meanwhile, Dailymile has sent me a training summary for 2011. It’s slightly different from the spreadsheet log I keep on my computer. For one thing, that log only keeps track of running mileage; Dailymile includes cycling mileage, which bumps me up to the 1,643 km (1,021 mi) that they show. With a possible triathlon in the future, I might have to update my spreadsheet formulas and calculations to account for the fact that 1 km of running does not equal 1 km of cycling or 1 km of swimming. Is there a site that provides those equivalents? And Dailymile should apply that to their mileage totals as well, or at least separate them out, since we already input our mileage by activity anyway.


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