Training update: long runs, short on time

I ran over 30 km for the first time since I last completed a marathon in 2009. Nice and easy-paced as it was, it took so long that I finished just after noon. I know this comes with the territory, but I can’t recall my 2009 marathon training stretching my free time as thin as it currently does. Maybe it’s the added volunteer hours that I’m doing on top of my nine-to-five contract work, or maybe it’s my insistence that I fit in at least three runs a week (leaving little time for other cross-training), or a combination, but I really feel time-deprived at the moment.

I know my schedule eases up slightly later in the month, as my contract winds down, then the training cycle concludes with the marathon in early May (eight weeks to go!). But I do want to control this for later in the year, as I continue to find longer-term employment and re-start training for the summer (at the moment, that’s up in the air as I wait to hear if I’m selected to run the NYC Marathon). For now, I just have to stay in control and not let things get out of hand.

Is anyone else in a similar situation, juggling marathon training with everything else in life? How do you manage it?


2 Comments on “Training update: long runs, short on time”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hmmm… other than your long run on the weekend, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the week is that much more than normal. So it sounds like the rest of your life is a bit more time-contstrained than normal. It’s hard to balance everything, and we do have to make choices… Cross-training can go during marathon training, but I would say that three runs are definitely a minimum requirement.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Jennifer. I’m adamant on running at least three times a week, and I just work them around my other extra-curriculars.

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