Running in Hawaii

Palm tree on Anaeho'omalu Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

P366:166 - Palm tree on Anaeho'omalu Beach

I took this photo in the middle of my scheduled long run on the west coast of the Big Island. There was a stretch where I was running on sand, and let me tell you that it’s really tough. I did the same thing for a brief stretch on Waikiki Beach earlier in the week.

I was away for a week, and while I did a general wrap on my travel blog, I want to cover the running portion here. My family and I split our time between Oahu and the Big Island. I had two runs on each island. The first one was a circuit around Diamond Head in Honolulu. It was challenging, compounded by a brief shower that added greatly to the humidity. The second one, the next day, was near and on Waikiki Beach. Even though this was also early (both runs started around 7:00am), I was again affected by the humidity.

The runs on the Big Island, on the other hand, were an issue of heat rather than humidity. Add to that the fact my last scheduled long run took place while I was there, and I got a little concerned, not least because I have no idea of where to run. I tried mapping one where I would go on the King’s Trail. But when I set off Saturday morning, I realized the trail is not suitable at all. Forced to improvise on the fly, I just went around the resort area where I was staying, including beaches and another attempt on the King’s Trail. Here’s a picture of what it looks like:

King's Trail, on Hawaii's Big Island

King's Trail, looking north toward the Waikoloa resort

Dehydration and lack of water became an issue while I was on this trail. I returned to the townhouse where we were staying for a refill. I then made a point in the second half of going really slowly and stopping frequently. It was after 9:00am by this time, and the sun was already bearing down. My overall time on my feet was 3:50, about the same time as last week in Vancouver, but I figured that with the conditions I endured, it’s a remarkable achievement.

I’m now entering week 2 of the three-week taper. I’m feeling great, and can’t wait to get to the start line for the Vancouver Marathon.


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