TransLink service changes, spring 2012

Buzzer Blog post covering Spring 2012 service changes

Most of TransLink’s service changes for spring are related to the rollout of the Frequent Transit Network [PDF map], and most of them are to cut down on the weekend early-morning service before the 15-minute frequency kicks in at 7:00am on Saturday and 8:00am on Sunday. (Prior to this, the 15-minute guideline applied from 6:00am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week.) It’s interesting how some routes that appear to be frequent enough (I’m thinking 337, 401, 403) do not make the cut, according to the guidelines.

The other big piece to the changes is the introduction of the long-awaited connection between White Rock and Langley. A few TransLink planners managed to board the new 531 on opening day. But why was the 531 made to terminate in Willowbrook, instead of the bigger hub of Langley Centre?

The 531 could be the only piece of new or improved transit services for a while. In an action-packed April, the independent commissioner for TransLink has released his review of TransLink’s application for a fare increase, followed by TransLink’s response, which effectively suspended most of the items on last fall’s Moving Forward Plan. I’m disappointed that such a decision had to be made, which only places a glaring spotlight on the major disconnect among TransLink, the cities, and the province. And with a provincial election a year away, I’m not expecting any movement between now and then.


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  1. […] of its stops are in Surrey), I got on the 531 to Willowbrook. This is a newer route (introduced this past spring), so it’s nice to get a chance to try this long-awaited regional service. I also extended my […]

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