Almost time for the marathon

2012 Vancouver Marathon promotional poster: "For those who find the bliss in blisters."

Less than 24 hours to go until the start of the Vancouver Marathon. I’m not nervous now, but I’ll probably feel it a bit more when I’m standing in the corral, waiting for the gun to go off.

The marathon is the culmination of almost six months of solid training. And that training is as much a milestone as finishing the race itself, so that mission is accomplished. It almost fulfills the “Redemption” theme I gave myself at the start of the year.

I’ll also be going into this marathon knowing I’ll be doing this all over again in six months. I somehow managed to be selected to run the New York City Marathon! I’ll detail my future plans with my next post, when I run down my experience at my hometown marathon. For now, to everyone who’ll be joining me at the starting line on Sunday, whether in the full or half marathon in Vancouver, or in the many other runs taking place around the world: have a great race!


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