Random running bits

Eying my next marathon after NYC…?

My brother got me this shirt from his trip to the UK earlier this month. With me heading to New York later this year, the shirt got me to thinking about future marathon plans. London will definitely be part of it, as are Chicago and Berlin. With Boston and New York, the five races form the World Marathon Majors [wiki]. Running while traveling has become a norm for me (see my previous posts on running in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Hawaii), so I’ll probably keep an eye on racing calendars next time I plan a holiday. I’m also accepting suggestions!

Someone sent me an email about a documentary on CBC Radio’s Ideas program. “Footprints Kenya” explores the rise of the Kenyans as the dominant runners in recent years, and how a visit to a training camp in the Great Rift Valley shows their incredible work ethic. Kathrine Switzer provided some insight, and there is an interview with Mary Keitany, winner of the 2012 London Marathon and a favourite to win gold this summer at the London Olympic Marathon. The program aired May 14, but is available to listen on demand by clicking on the link, and it’s also available as a podcast.


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