June 2012 TransLink service changes

[Full details of changes in June Buzzer PDF]

North Vancouver gains, while Richmond loses in this round of seasonal service changes. The two major routes from North Van to downtown Vancouver, the 210 and 240, receive frequency increases, while the Lonsdale corridor joins the Frequent Transit Network. Unfortunately, SeaBus service is not increased to match that on Lonsdale; that might not occur until 2013 at the latest.

Thanks to ongoing service optimization, where one area gains transit service, another inevitably must lose some service. That is the case in Richmond, where three routes have had their frequencies reduced. One in particular, the 404, has 30-minute headways in peak periods. But it’s not all bleak in Richmond, as the inter-regional 410 sees slight increases in peak-period frequencies.

Vancouver has a mixed bag, as several routes (including the 25) see increased headways, while the 26, 27, and 29, serving east and south-east Vancouver, have their headways reduced during the midday. Elsewhere, there are other slight additions for improved SkyTrain connections and adjustments to conform to the new Frequent Network guidelines.

It’s disappointing that some areas have reductions in frequencies, but that’s the reality of the fixed hours TransLink has to allocate for the entire region. Without additional funding beyond what’s already there, the transport authority is stuck with having to re-allocate service hours to where it’s needed most. Hopefully the situation changes sooner rather than later.


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