Training update: on the road to NYC

I have just started week 3 out of 22 in my training for the NYC Marathon. I’m using the same 22-week schedule that led up to the Vancouver Marathon to train for NYC. I plan to run at least three days a week (tempo, speed or hills, and weekend long run), with extra days for easy runs or cross-training when I can fit them in. I want to see if it was the training or race-day actions that contributed to my massive bonk on the Vancouver course.

I’ve also booked my flight to New York, so it’s getting a bit more real; it’s a bargain, but I’m flying out of Sea-Tac. As much as I would love to fly out of Vancouver (YVR), and on a non-stop to boot, the lack of choices (only two non-stops) and high cost forced my hand to fly out of SEA. I still have to book accommodation, and that cost will make me more determined to find work in order to finance this trip.

How about you: are you training for a race this summer? Tell me about it!


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