Transit daytrip: new routes, new adventures

The various buses I took on my daytrip.

On Friday afternoon, I happened to be in Surrey for a job interview. (Sadly, I did not get the job.) After a quick lunch, I boarded the 375 to South Surrey. The route has been around for a few years, but it’s the first time I’ve actually ridden it. After a brief wait at White Rock Centre (a bit of a misnomer as some of its stops are in Surrey), I got on the 531 to Willowbrook. This is a newer route (introduced this past spring), so it’s nice to get a chance to try this long-awaited regional service. I also extended my trip by going over the Golden Ears Bridge on the 595 (the limited-stop service between Langley Centre and Haney Place), and then the 791 to Braid Station (another first board).

As context, here is my trip on a map, starting at the red place-marker. This is the bulk of it; the rest of the involved taking SkyTrain back to Vancouver.


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