TransLink service optimization proposed for 2013: focus on the 22

Earlier this year, I blogged about the poor scheduling coordination between routes 2 and 22 through Kitsilano. I suggested that the frequencies for the two routes be made equal to allow for improved coordination. It appears that TransLink might be taking steps to improve that, with an additional step that is long overdue.

Screenshot of TransLink document, detailing proposed changes to routes 2 and 22

2/22 Service Refinement

This PDF document has background on TransLink’s service optimization and details on the various services that may be affected. Page 7 covers routes 2 and 22; a screenshot is posted above. Looking at the entire corridor, not just Kitsilano but also in the east side, where demand is just as heavy, TransLink is considering upping the frequency, and introducing short-turns in the east side to Knight and Kingsway, very close to where I live. Headways between Macdonald and 16th and Knight and Kingsway (shown in pink above) can be as low 10 minutes in midday, seven days a week.

The additional step that I mentioned is folding route 2 back into the 22. This part of the service change proposal was the one that really caught my interest and excitement. Once upon a time, there was a single route 22, some of whose trips operated between only downtown Vancouver and Macdonald and 16th.  In 1997, those short-turned Macdonald-16th trips had its other terminus moved to the emerging Yaletown district. To distinguish it from the main-line 22, it was given the route number 2. (Source: Buzzer from June 13, 1997 [PDF]) The Yaletown experiment was short-lived (truncated to its current terminus at Burrard Station in the early 2000s), but the route number remained as 2. I’ve always wondered when the Cornwall and Macdonald corridor will be served once again by a single route number. If TransLink goes ahead with what they are proposing, expect to see a “22 Macdonald to 16th Avenue” (and “22 Knight to Kingsway”) starting next fall.

If you live in the Vancouver region, visit the service optimization website to check on changes that may affect you. You can fill out the brief survey online or at any of the open houses that are being offered throughout the region. While the list of open houses identifies affected routes for the specific city, there is the opportunity to speak to TransLink planners about any of the changes that aren’t for your specific city. That was what I did earlier today at the first open house at the Roundhouse in Yaletown.


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