Race report: 2013 Okanagan Half Marathon

I last ran this race in 2010. I broke the two-hour barrier, establishing a new personal record in the process. I registered to run again in the Okanagan Half to see if I can run as fast, or possibly faster, as I did three years ago.

The training cycle for this race followed the usual format. However, there was a point during August (because of visiting family) when I struggled to find time to run. Even the high-intensity workouts (such as tempo) were not at the paces that I’d like to have.

I was therefore resigned to go to Kelowna and at least break two hours. It’s a reasonable challenge given the state of my training. I arrived Friday afternoon and basically rested up for the race on Sunday morning (October 13). For the first time in a long time, I was content and relaxed and ready to run.

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