Training update: creeping self-doubt

I’m halfway through a 12-week training cycle leading up to the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon. This past weekend, the various races of the BMO Vancouver Marathon took place. I was on Cambie Street to cheer on the half marathoners as they started their race (my instagram video), sticking around to see all 10,000 of them pass. Despite the poor weather, a couple of my twitter friends did set new personal bests in the marathon.

Even though I shouldn’t, that got me thinking ahead to the NYC Marathon in November, about all the progress I’ve made in other race distances, but a decent marathon finish still eludes me. I’m seriously considering setting my goal for NYC to be a one-second PB, which is 4:39:20. According to the McMillan calculator, my half marathon PB translates to a marathon finish just over 4:00.

Maybe it’s because I don’t run marathons as often as I do other distances, but the self-doubt about a strong finish to a 26.2 is gnawing at me. But I still have a few months to fight it. I have a half marathon to train for, then I’ll tackle the marathon training separately after that.

And if there is anyone in the Vancouver area who will be running New York this year, let me know. I’d love to meet the local contingent heading to NYC!


2 Comments on “Training update: creeping self-doubt”

  1. Don’t let the self doubt creep in, do whatever it takes to shut it up! You got this :)

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