It’s about time I put this up! My name is Eric, and I live in Vancouver. At the moment, I am an unemployed accountant, on the verge of becoming a CGA. At a recent forum, the icebreaker involved naming three things I am passionate about. I said at the time that I had way too many passions, but settled on transit, running, and the Vancouver Canucks. Here are a few others: Doctor Who, photography, music, and Jane Austen’s novels. Each of these passions has been covered at some point here, and they are sorted out in the “Categories” drop-down.

About the “rickie”: Way back at the beginnings of the Web, I signed up for a site on Geocities [wiki]. Even then, I was wary of the perils of using my real name as a means of identification, so I settled on “rickie22”. I might have been watching My So-Called Life at the time, and the show had a character called “Rickie”. I figured it was close enough to my real name, but since no one refers to me as Rickie, it would do as my online persona. The 22 refers to the number of the bus route that served my street.

After Geocities was swallowed up by Yahoo, and I entered uni, I abandoned rickie22, but I resurrected the moniker for the online forums I joined, as well as for my flickr. For this blog, it’s sort of a variation (I was thinking of that song that had “Hey Mickey!” in it), but it’s still in the same vein.

Thanks for visiting! Suggestions, comments, and queries can be posted here or on the relevant post(s).

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