Training update: dispatches from the long run

Yesterday, I completed the last long run of my training for the NYC Marathon. I brought my phone in an armband (that I bought a week ago) to test how well it travels with me.

The first hour was just pouring rain; I don’t how well I’d fare for four hours of it. But it mostly stopped by the time I entered Pacific Spirit Park. The first picture was on the trail after mile 7;  the second is not even 15 minutes later. It made the rest of the run much more pleasant!

Imperial Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Imperial Trail, around mile 7

Salish Trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Salish Trail, between miles 8 and 9.

Selfie on Salish Trail, Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Selfie on Salish Trail

Maybe it was all the breaks I was taking for photos, or to consume gels & water, but I survived the almost four-hour run, completing 21 miles (33.9 km). My pacing was consistent, and even on the five separate miles I sped up, my legs were up to the challenge. I just have to be just as consistent with pacing and fueling, and I think I’ll do well for the big race. I just have to endure three weeks of agonizing taper!

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, taken 11 October 2014

Kitsilano Beach, about mile 14.5


Project 366 is two-thirds complete!

As of today, I’ve gone through eight months and 250 photos in my photo-a-day-for-one-year project. I’ve somehow managed to keep track of the photo number as I post them, only because I double-check before posting them. Here are a few highlights from June:

Pedestrian bridge at Vancouver's Olympic Village

P366:219 – Pedestrian bridge at Vancouver’s Olympic Village

P366:224 – Five o’clock shadow

Signage indicating the new Vancouver bike route, the North Arm Trail.

P366:239 – North Arm Trail

RIP, Cookie: In memoriam to our family cat

Our family said goodbye to our cat, Cookie, today. Here are a few photos. We will miss you; rest in peace.

Our family cat, Cookie

Taken yesterday; a really light-hearted image in what has been a difficult few days.

Our family cat, Cookie

Without the glasses, in a typical lounging pose.

Our family cat, Cookie

December 2010

Our family cat, Cookie, in profile view

In profile, from 2006

Our family cat, Cookie

Cookie the caddie

Project 366 update: February favourites

No post ideas have popped up this weekend, so I’ll put up a couple of photos that I took during February for my photo-a-day-for-a-year project. There wasn’t a theme, but I did put the photos through instagram’s filters before posting them.

The first one was taken February 10. I like how one particular filter created a bluish glow surrounding the neon cross. The second one was taken February 20. I got the shutter to go off as the train was moving, but before it left the station, creating the blur effect. You can see all the photos I’ve taken during February here, and a set of sets (arranged by month) here. I’m officially one-third of the way done!

Photo #102 in my Project 366

P366:102 - Blue

Photo #112 in my project 366. It portrays a SkyTrain leaving Sea Island Centre Station heading toward YVR-Airport.

P366:112 - Train to YVR

A photo a day for one year – challenge well underway!

Shoegaze: arrow #2, photo #87 in my ongoing 366 Project

P366:087 - Shoegaze: arrow #2

After I’ve immersed myself in the project for three months, I’ve officially taken on the challenge of taking a photo a day for one full year, retroactive to November 1, 2011. As you may (or may not) know, I’ve documented here (and on my flickr) my successful attempt to take a photo a day for one month; I’ve done so the past two Novembers. When I removed my Movember mustache on December 1, and took a photo of that, I made a conscious attempt to do the same for December, and again for January, but using different themes. As I finished that, I decided to make my 366 project active by applying appropriate titles and tags to the photos I’ve posted to flickr to that point [collection], while trying to remember the specific day I’m in when I post a new photo.

As I post photo #96 below, I want to congratulate my brother for finishing his second round of a 365 project [set]. His proficiency with the craft is part of the reason why I want to undertake this project. Wish me luck!

Photo #96/366 in my project - taken at Main Street SkyTrain Station

P366:096 - Main Street Station

End of Movember

Self-portrait taken on the 30th day of Movember

Movember day 30

I think my Movember went well. The main mo did go unchecked for the full month (as it should be). I had the handlebar for the middle part of November, then tried to extend the ‘stache outward, but ran out of time; you can see how it looked on the last day.

The morning of December 1, the razor did its work; the result is the picture below. For the first couple of days I’ve looked at a mirror and actually wondered who was the person with the bare upper lip staring at me. Really, it’s bizarre how a mustache can alter a man’s look.

Thanks to all the kind words about the mo, and more so to those who donated to Movember generally, and through my page in particular. It will be back next year, so be ready!

Link to a flickr set of self-portrait photos from each day of Movember.

Self-portrait, taken the first day after Movember

No mo' mo!

A photo a day during Movember; could I keep it up after that?

Movember day 14: commute

Movember day 14: commute

Almost halfway through Movember, and the mo is progressing quite well. I took one photo at the start, then one the next day, and soon I figured I should do a photo a month for each day of Movember. It carries on from my successful attempt to take a photo a day last November. The major difference between then and now is that I’m using my iPhone, together with the Instagram app, as opposed to the digital camera I used last year. It’s far easier to take a shot with the phone, put it through Instagram’s filters, and have it cross-post to my Flickr and Twitter. With the digital camera (which is almost five years old), I have to attach the camera to my computer to download the pictures, then upload it to Flickr. Plus, the Movember theme is a lot easier to execute, compared to the randomness from last year.

I’m wondering if I can carry on with a photo a day after the end of Movember. 60 days? 100 days? 366 (2012 is a leap year)? Should I not think about it, but keep taking shots anyway? For anyone who has done these longer projects, what is your motivation? I’d appreciate any tips and/or themes!