A photo a day during Movember; could I keep it up after that?

Movember day 14: commute

Movember day 14: commute

Almost halfway through Movember, and the mo is progressing quite well. I took one photo at the start, then one the next day, and soon I figured I should do a photo a month for each day of Movember. It carries on from my successful attempt to take a photo a day last November. The major difference between then and now is that I’m using my iPhone, together with the Instagram app, as opposed to the digital camera I used last year. It’s far easier to take a shot with the phone, put it through Instagram’s filters, and have it cross-post to my Flickr and Twitter. With the digital camera (which is almost five years old), I have to attach the camera to my computer to download the pictures, then upload it to Flickr. Plus, the Movember theme is a lot easier to execute, compared to the randomness from last year.

I’m wondering if I can carry on with a photo a day after the end of Movember. 60 days? 100 days? 366 (2012 is a leap year)? Should I not think about it, but keep taking shots anyway? For anyone who has done these longer projects, what is your motivation? I’d appreciate any tips and/or themes!


Photonovember complete!

I survived 30 photos in 30 days! At the very least, it proves that I can attempt something much longer. All 30 are compiled in this set. In the next week, I will upload some highlights that didn’t make the cut. And so, here are the last five!

Photonovember 26 - Embedded puck

Photonovember 27 - CGA, finally!

Photonovember 28 - Protrait

Photonovember 29 - Single shoe

Photonovember 30 - Finished!

Photonovember: the stretch drive

As I near the finish of my photonovember project, I am ambivalent about tackling a project of longer proportions, ie. for 365 days. Any advice for me (or anyone else) thinking of taking on such a monumental task?


Photonovember 21 – Fall Classic (my race report)
Photonovember 22 – Beautiful crossing
Photonovember 23 – Cold, empty beach
Photonovember 24 – Kirk McLean replica mask

Photonovember 25 - Short snowman

Photonovember update: sun and snow

The toughest part of the photonovember project is just finding new places, let alone time, to take photos. I feel these are the weakest of the shots I’ve taken this month. The next few days will be interesting, as I have some ideas already. But for now, here are the shots from November 16-20:

Photonovember 16 - Burrard Station

Photonovember 17 - Salutations from sunny South Surrey!

Photonovember 18 - Not Facebook

Photonovember 19 - Whiteout

Photonovember 20 - Killarney

Photonovember update: halfway done!

Here are photos 11-15 of my photonovember project. I think it’s easy enough to take a photo and post it. I would like more progress with how I take it. Sure, a (D)SLR would be best, but the point-and-shoot I’m using will have to do for now.

Photonovember 11 - Remember

Photonovember 12 - Nighttime streetscape

Photonovember 13 - Autumn

Photonovember 14 - Necessary, except when you don't need it

Photonovember 15 - Drip

Photonovember: the journey continues

I’ve made it to day 10 of this photonovember project, so I’m one-third of the way there!

Photonovember 6 - Third floor, faintly

Photonovember 7 - Mismatch

Photonovember 8 - Flower Totems

Photonovember 9 - Stormy

Photonovember 10 - SkyTrain sunset

30 days, 30 pictures: Photonovember

In the spirit of NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, I’ve taken up the challenge of posting 30 photos to my flickr in each of the 30 days of November.

I’ve started this with no theme whatsoever; it’s just going outside and capturing something interesting. But maybe something develops over the course of Photonovember. And I’ll happily accept any suggestions!

What I’ll do for this blog is post every five days; and so, this being November 5, here are my first five:

Photonovember 1 - West Coast Express turns 15

Photonovember 2 - Halloween aftermath

Photonovember 3 - The things people lose on the bus

Photonovember 4 - Dominion Building

Photonovember 5 - Rainbow sunset