Doctor Who Tube – mashup edition

In time for the 46th anniversary of the airing of the first-ever Doctor Who episode, here are a few great creative videos that can be found on the YouTubes.

The first one is constantly being replayed on my iPhone. Forget Debbie: what if Doctor Who did Dallas? The effort done here was superb, right down to the fonts. Never mind that this could only really be used for “Journey’s End“; it’s quite awesome!

The second one is quite recent (and hat-tip to Doctor Who Blog), but this one uses CGI to “recreate” The Wheel in Space as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Whoever did this should be allowed to do the full animation restoration of the missing episodes of Wheel in Space!

The third mashup involves a classic clash between the Doctor and the Master… with lightsabres!

And from the same guy who brought you that one, while not a mashup per se, it does gather all 10 Doctors together in what could certainly be an epic adventure:

Hope you’ve enjoyed those. Happy 46th, Doctor Who!

Strombo: Saviour of Radio 2?

Earlier this month, CBC Radio 2 debuted George Stroumboulopoulos’ Sunday-night show. It’s only four hours long, but on the first week I managed to stretch the experience over eight: I started at 16:00 Pacific time (listening to the Atlantic-time feed), but had to drag it to midnight (the last two hours “live” on my radio). The combination of music, George’s enthusiasm, the music-to-commentary mix, and (so far) lack of internal Radio 2 promos had me hooked.


George at home in the studio.

It’s been a while since I’ve commented about the state of Radio 2 (last entry was in June 2008), but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely accepted the changes, but I haven’t completely abandoned the network either. But, somehow, on that first night, George + Radio 2 = awesomeness! I think Strombo has put a lot of thought into the programming of the show, both in terms of individual songs and when they were placed within the four-hour show. And this was touched upon briefly during one of the lulls between songs: anyone can play a set of songs, but a good set takes into account the emotional response as much as the musical connection between songs.

So to the title question: With tweaking of Radio 2’s programming continuing, I think this might be the best of the changes, hands down. While it may not increase the classical quota one bit, it provides the edge that Radio 2 was lacking since dropping the Radio 3 simulcasts. Poaching Strombo’s show away from commercial-rock radio and placing it on the CBC was also inevitable, what with The Hour being a late-night mainstay for a number of years.

I do hope that the Strombo Show sticks around for a while. It provides a great soundtrack to a Sunday night that is pretty much meant as a weekend wind-down and can actually give a boost to the inevitability of the dreaded Monday morning.

Photo credit: CBC Radio 2 blog

Frustration setting in

It has now been four weeks since I’ve completed my first marathon, but the recovery is not going as well as I’ve liked.

My left knee has been giving me all sorts of trouble, especially in the running-completion department. Almost every run I’ve attempted since Victoria has not ended as well as I’d hoped. The runs start OK, but partway through, or near the end, the pain kicks in, and I’m in stop-and-go mode the rest of the way.

Maybe I’m stubborn because I want to run no matter what, but after today, I have to concede that I might do more harm than good continuing in this way. Some cross-training won’t be that bad, I guess. At least I can avoid some of the ugly fall weather that can be a deterrent to running anyway. I believe this will pass, and once it’s healed, I can hit the road again, and hopefully in time for the Rock โ€˜nโ€™ Roll Las Vegas Half.